Get Involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with Hofstra Today. Below is a list of Producer-level positions that interested students can apply for.

Associate Producer

  • Day of show need to make sure everything is ready to go
    • Check Videos in Xclyps
    • Lower Thirds and credits
  • Print Scripts and rundowns and distribute to crew and talent
  • Produce any live field segments
  • Work with Hofstra Today correspondents on packages being produced
    • check in with them
    • keep track of how they are doing
    • work through any problems with them
  • Keep writers and reporters organized
    • keep track of who is writing what
    • check and edit most
    • make sure there is no plagiarism!!
  • Do other tasks as assigned by Producers
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, always think ahead, be ready and prepared for anything
    • take initiative to improve the show
    • come up with new segment and package ideas

Production Manager

  • Send out crew list and find people for positions
  • Designate positions for crew
  • Set up livestream and video capture
  • Work with Technical Manager and Lighting Coordinator to oversee production set
  • Teach people had to create graphics for lower thirds and full screen graphics
  • Import graphics into Chyron

News Director

  • Assign News stories for the news desk and collaborate with the anchors on in-depth segments.
  • Write stories, tosses, and intros/outros
  • Assign writing to teams or writers.
  • Work with individuals to help them with their writing style and content
  • Make sure Sports and Entertainment Producers are writing their stories in a timely manner


  • Manages Graphics Spreadsheet in google docs
    • checking to see that graphics that have been created as requested and saving them to the correct block number
  • Create graphics based off google spreadsheet

Package Crew


  • Constantly be in communication with writers, camera ops and editor.
  • Coordinate pre production meetings and schedule shooting dates
  • Email any updates to Hofstra Today producers
  • Be present on shoots (if possible) and rough cut viewings
  • Make sure package is on time for deadline


  • Write intro/outros for package
  • Design questions for interview packages


  • Work with package producer to storyboard the package
  • Sign out equipment for shoot (make sure the equipment is approved)
  • Report to producer with any problems that occurred on the shoot
  • Collaborate with editor for post production of package


  • Collect footage from producer
  • Edit the package (rought cut and final cut)
  • Be present at rough cut viewing (Sundays before week of show)
  • Make adjustments to rough cut based upon Hofstra Today producers’ discretion

Developing Team

  • Generate ideas for shows
  • Research upcoming events on campus that can be used in the show
    • Contacting Hofstra resources (clubs/organizations, major departments, public relations, etc.)

If you are interested in one of these positions, click here to fill out our application.

If you just want to help out, all you have to do it show up! Pre-production begins on Wednesdays at 7am in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication Newshub. For more information on how to get involved with Hofstra Today, contact us by email at